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Hiking on Maui

Sierra Club

The Maui group of the Sierra Club of Hawaii has an outing schedule here:

It is updated every three months.

Sign up and manage your signups here:

You do not need to be a member to come on an outing, but you generally have to register with the leader of the hike in advance. Most hikes have a recommended donation of $3 for members and $5 for non-members.

There is also a Facebook page to make it easier to find out about upcoming hikes:

Join the Facebook group to be notified of new hikes and to include the hike schedule in your own calendar (e.g. Google Calendar).

Mauna Ala

Another group that puts together a schedule of hikes for several months in advance is Mauna Ala. Here are a couple of recent schedules:

Note that the latest one may not be here. Unlike Sierra Club, they don’t require advance registration for a hike and they don’t ask for a donation for the hike, but they require that you pay a $5 annual membership fee (or come as a guest of a member).

Friends of Haleakala National Park

They organize monthly service outings in the crater including two nights at cabins:

Auwahi Forest Restoration Project

The project includes a monthly service outing to plant natives plants in the Kahikinui area above the wind turbines:

Social media hike sites

Other places to look for hikes (they usually don’t announce them earlier than a week or two in advance):

Commercial hike companies

There are commercial hike organizers as well:

On your own

Trail descriptions:

Interesting maps:

There are several books that include Maui trails, too.

If you go hiking on your own, I recommend sticking to the most popular trails to not risk getting lost, getting caught up in flash floods, or getting hassled for trespassing on private property. Maui trails are often much less well marked and maintained than ones other places I’ve been, but the popular ones will have people around and usually be safe. A good choice is one of the Na Ala Hele trails like the Waihee Ridge Trail.